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Now Offering Bee Grateful Farm Products at Drunken Onion!

Bee Grateful Farm is a 100% Natural vegetable, flower and herb farm located right outside of Steamboat Springs. Farmers Jason and Hethir Rodriguez started Bee Grateful Farm in 2018 after moving to 50 acres right outside of town. They are passionate about healthy foods and fresh flavors.

We are so excited to offer their delicious caramels in three flavors! Chocolate Honey, Lavender Honey and Salted Honey.

Bee Grateful Farm puts a lot of focus on the soil health and preserving all of the living organisms that help to make the nutrients in the soil absorbable for the plants. That is one reason that they mostly farm by hand. They use a push hand tractor for breaking ground for the first time, but then that bed will never be tilled again so they can preserve the soil life that takes up residence there.

They have combined their love for honey and craft-made candies to create the best caramel we have ever tasted. These caramels are 100% honey sweetened and contain no added sugars, syrups or artificial anything.

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